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Since 1991 Wim de Prez paints original trompe l’oeil-murals and artworks on canvas and panel. 'Every new work is unique, based on the clients desires. Every challenge is possible and welcome. Every new project is different: a good preparation is very important. After a first meeting with the client, a first design is made, as a start for further communication, until it fits the clients wishes. Real custom-made. And with pleasure. In this site, you will find more than a hundred examples. It's a portfolio, more than a catalogue, because every work is new and original.'
'A Trompe l'Oeil-Mural: this is in what I am specialized. After my studies of Textile Engineer, I had two jobs in the industry, which were quite interesting, but not at all my cup of Oolong-tea. I learned a lot about people and their relations. And most of all, the most applied and successful theory in industry: the Peter principle. So I started my own business, from scratch. I like to do manual work, so I took lessons in every kind of painting, and realized that the most difficult way, was the most interesting way. 9 years in the academy in Deinze, Belgium, was more a kind of therapy to discover my own pictural language. And this awakened an invisible talent in my work. But in fact is is a parallel development next to the Trompe l'Oeil- painting. The part of creativity in a 'free' painting is comparable to the design and creative process before a mural is painted. In my case anyway. Making a
Trompe l'Oeil-Mural is more than just painting. It' a very 'wide' and complex job. A thorough knowledge of perspective, and being a fairly good painter is a primary condition. Before the start of a work, the creative phase takes a large part of my time. That is also the moment for the client to comment on the design, and for me to listen to your desires.' A mural is completed, when you can step into it.

Classic Series 1 and 2:
On these pages, you will find the more traditional mural, that is, my own interpretation of a Trompe l'oeil.

The time I spent in the academy of Deinze, Belgium, learned me to watch in a different way, and develop my own pictural language. More of this on my new site called www.wimdeprez.be
Trompe l'Oeil-Murals:
I chose to become an artist-painter, because I felt an urge to create a fysical trace on this modest crazy rock. It will at least last longer than a colorless engineer, just thinking about retirement. To follow a realistic path, I chose to work on demand, which makes it possible to design a personal mural or painting, completely adjusted to my clients wishes. It is a combination of creativity and skill. Most important is to create a realistic and correct image, with correct perspective. So my education was not useless, in fact mathematics has always been a hobby. As a preparation on the wall or ceiling I make a tight pencil-design with the right measures, on which I make the final painting. A mural of this kind is not to be painted without preparation. The subject of the painting is determined by the client or by myself, or somewher in between. Coastal- and seaviews are very popular, mostly based on the clients travels. But in fact there are no limits in subjects. It can as well be a old masters copy, or a demand for an abstract vision on 'the four continents' Or a solution for the entrance of a pharmacy. Etc.... There are no limits on imagination!
Murals in covered and open swimming pools: click.
The Provence in France and Tuscany, are the more favorite subjects for my murals. That is, of course the choice of the clients. Any aspect of the mural is determined by our contact, that is colors, details, 'architecture', natural elements, etc.. Some want the clear southern colors, others want the more soft or typical Flemish colors. The result has to be natural and realistic, with an obvious 'handwork-painted' element. Although a photographic result is possible as well. Trompe l'oeil is the art of illusion. I mislead the spectator, and make him or her doubt. A bump on the wall would be the ultimate recognition. Reparing a mural is easier than reparing a plain colored surface.
I never tried to find customers amongst my friends or family, and immediately showed my work on expositions on interior-design in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent-next is 'Sfeer 2008' in march 2008-and Kortrijk, Belgium. Since 1993 I participated in expositions (the commercal kind) at a rate that decreased from 4 in the beginning years, to 1 at this moment. This is where I, in the beginning of my 'career', got most of my work. I show my work in real, on 1 to 1 scale, and in pictures (as much as I can show). Most contacts on expositions lead to a work, which is quite satisfying. In 2001, I started my site, with succes. I adjust an optimalize the site about every 6 weeks. Of course, as I have some work to show, and people get to know my work, things tend to go easier.
A painting on a floor creates new possibilities.
Something more:
A trompe l’oeil-mural costs between 250 and 500 Euros per square meter, depending on surface, difficulty, etc.. The funny thing about my work is that my clients think that the work is done one day before it is really finished. Happy faces. I mostly paint with water-based paints, and finish the surface with a water-based varnish inside, and with a special finish outside. My murals will survive for a very long time, at least longer than me. Top of page